De jaarlijkse conferentie van de International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI) vindt dit jaar plaats in Helsinki, Finland. De conferentie richt de blik naar het Zuiden.

Prof. dr. Geert Van Goethem, directeur van Amsab-ISG, is sinds 2013 voorzitter van IALHI. Mede onder zijn leiding biedt de bijeenkomst dit jaar een rijk gestoffeerd programma met als thema Heritage of Social Movements in a Global Perspective: Collecting and Preservation of Sources.

Uit de conferentiebrochure: "While we live in the post-digital digital age, and digital has become the norm in memory institutions by now, social history curators, often the ultimate guardians of the unsolicited past still face the same questions of collecting, preserving the materials of labour and social movements.

This multifaceted heritage is not only endangered by obsolete media, fast changing technologies and limited digital preservation capacities, but its transnational and hybrid nature offers the utmost challenge of consolidating and reconnecting documentary legacies around the globe.

As the definition of historical resources has extended to new categories such as digital, digitized collections or so-called Intangible Cultural History as proposed and practiced by UNESCO, including oral traditions, social practices and craft skills the global perspective raises new problems on the conditions of storing and preserving in the Global South: warm and humid climate, or the often rather limited access to expensive digital infrastructures increases the gap between professional benchmarking and praxis driven solutions by social history curators working in the field."