VACANCY ASSISTANT practical intangible cultural heritage and collection operation

Backache association is 2017 looking for a colleague with affinity and understanding of heritage work on intangible cultural heritage in relation to collection management organizations.

Backache association working since 2012 as national expertise Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICE) and heritage participation in the framework of the Flemish cultural heritage policy. We develop, strengthen and guide the intangible heritage (just) work in Flanders and are responsible for the digital platform for intangible cultural heritage .
In 2015 we realized in collaboration with the ICE network trigger a field survey and the report "Towards an Action Plan ICE & museums Vlaanderen2. Since then targeted ranges are launched on intangible heritage museum context.
The new Cultural erfgoeddecreet3 is additionally a strong emphasis on an integrated cultural heritage operation focusing on tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
To achieve this integrated heritage operation we want 2017 the expertise building and dissemination work on the strengthening further around ICE in Flanders.
From this perspective, we plan 2017 in a similar field research and report on ICE and archive operation. The report will again provide a basis for delineating further processes in the field.

For the realization of this survey as well as the formatting of the report and the related consultation and vision development with stakeholders in the sector recruits backache on a temporary basis a colleague. It is a 6 month Full Time employment but both the process (Workers' Statute or freelance cooperation), employment rate and duration are negotiable in consultation and customized. After all, we aim above all a capable, insightful colleague, preferably with experience in the themes. In light of the developments in the sector on the (integration) operation on intangible and movable heritage, is an extension of the employment among the possibilities.

Are you the colleague we are looking for? Send us your cover letter and resume for Sunday February 5.


Terms of reference

Job profile:
* You can show your affinity for and knowledge of cultural heritage policy and operation advantageously from your education, interests, study or work experience; Preferably, you have knowledge and experience of intangible cultural heritage, and / or collection management operation.
* You have the skills and experience as possible in-house function of the establishment of the envisaged route with a stakeholder survey and report. Your questioning, documents, analyzes and processes the data, you synthesizes the results.
* You have a Master's degree or equivalent experience, and have a strong affinity with working in the heritage sector.
* You possess both excellent written and oral communication skills and presentation skills.
* You are an enthusiastic and socially skilled colleagues and can work well both independently and in a team.
* You are creative and accurate.
* You're a multitasker and knows how to, are result oriented
* You have an excellent knowledge of Dutch and governed well French and English.
* You have a smooth, good pen.
* A full-time employment for six months (open for negotiation)
* A challenging, dynamic and flexible working environment.
* Base is the backache secretariat in the heart of Brugge (easily accessible via public transport); but you work with great flexibility and often displacement.
* Remuneration depending on qualifications and experience (scales PC 329.01)


Practical information:
* Candidates with an extensive resume writing are expected for February 5 2017. Only applications that reach us are taken into account before 5 February.
* You mails a motivated letter with resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
* More information about the job content can be obtained at your Jorijn Neyrinck by mail or at + 32 (0) 478 72 23 01. A first selection is made on the basis of the submitted CVs. Candidates who are invited are eligible for an interview on February 20. Backache association pursues an equal opportunity and diversity policy.

1 Tapis square association acts as national expertise intangible cultural heritage and heritage participation in the framework of the Flemish cultural heritage policy. The operation of backache association focuses on the development, strengthening and guiding the intangible heritage (just) in Flanders as it is booted from 2010. Backache association intends to focus efforts to build expertise around participatory heritage activity and methodologies, identifying innovative and appropriate responses to create current challenges and future prospects in heritage conservation, transmission and development. Backache works well networked in the heritage sector with many partners (support FARO other centers, heritage units, museums, archives effects, ...). Backache association flourishes also in relevant international networks which helps them translate the pioneering role of Flanders on ICE and propagate abroad and always relevant insights, experiences, detects organizations and developments in the world, identifies and allow progress to Flanders.
2 'Towards an Action Plan ICE & museums in Flanders' 2015-2016: