Black and white photograph of a group of SJW (Socialist Young Guard) (Red Falcons) in Ninove, 26 September 1931

The journal Archives and Libraries in Belgium brings a special issue on the Archives of the youth movement in Belgium. Amsab employee Luc Peiren wrote an extensive article on the leftist youth organizations.

The magazine Archives and Libraries in Belgium will highlight the papers of the youth movement in Belgium. But seventy movements and umbrella organizations that were active between 1850 and 1970 in our country, have been tackled. All contributions, written by experts in the field, contain a selective bibliography (with published and unpublished works), a brief historical overview, a description of the preserved records, and a list of publications realized by the involved youth (magazines, information sheets, song books, and game, etc.).
Luc Peiren, researcher Amsab-ISH, extensive contributions wrote of the archives of the leftist youth organizations in Belgium.

This reference work meets a demand of professional historians, students and history teachers, pedagogues, sociologists, political scientists, journalists, archivists, librarians and ... of members and former members of the movement! The intention is that the investigation of the very popular phenomenon of youth it is stimulated, and that our knowledge in this regard within a short time may increase significantly!

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