From April 2 2017 running a major exhibition on Frans Masereel in Mu.Zee in Ostend. The exhibition includes also two logs Masereel taken from the collection of Amsab-ISH.

A century ago, in 1917, Frans Masereel cut Debout les morts. Résurrection infernalA sharp indictment of the horrors of the First World War.
Debout les morts, a series of nine woodcuts and a frontispiece, a Masereels was most famous and at the same time most committed work. It also beginning of what would become characteristic of his later work: series of woodcuts, without words, in which he portrays a sharp, poignant manner of his time. Often laced with humor, intended to be understood by everyone, distributed in the form of affordable graphic novels.
One hundred years later, the work of Masereel is still topical, anti-militarism and pacifism, despite all the mischief, optimistic attitude. It is no coincidence that just when the interest in his work rekindling everywhere. There is the exhibition which runs from April to 2 3 September and June is a new film about Masereel premiere (more about that in the next newsletter).

The exhibition in Ostend will work Masereel, including two blocks from the collection of Amsab-ISH, in dialogue with contemporary society through the work of contemporary artists from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and America: Mary Evans, Anton Kannemeyer Glenn Ligon, Dan Perjovschi, Billie Zangewa, William Kentridge, Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Slavs and Tatars, Kerry James Marshall and Papa Mfumu'eto 1er. The exhibition highlights the social commitment of the artists. As Masereel approach them issues that affect them personally and they make negotiable by converting them into images.

Frans Masereel and Contemporary Art: Resistance in images
Mu.ZEE, Ostend, April 1 3 September 2017

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