For Heritage 2017 beat around the 'care' theme Amsab-ISG and the Liberal Archive joining forces. Under the title 'Child of the account' they bring together childcare screen. thereby focusing on Amsab-ISH youth in conflict.

All innocent victims are children without a doubt the most innocent and vulnerable at the same time. Whether it's an outright (world) war or a protracted internal conflict, it is always children who pay the heaviest toll. Along with the suffering of children emerge all sorts of actions to alleviate their sad fate: it then goes on food aid, providing relaxation amid the violence, the evacuation from a war zone and the shelter in safe places, and other expressions of sympathy and solidarity.
Amsab-ISG chose to leave their own image collection and went there looking for stories. Which photos, postcards, posters and other iconographic material showing children in conflict situations? And how is cared for in those situations? Four periods or events leaps to the eye and are covered: the First and the Second World War, the collection of Spanish children during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and recent refugees.

The exhibition opens on Thursday April at 20 20 hours the Liberal Archives. Everyone is welcome, sign up with an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Guest speaker at the opening night Prof. Michel Vandenbroeck, Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy, University of Ghent, with the lecture "Save the nation, one child at a time. Child Care at the end of the beginning and 19de 20ste century '
Op Heritage Day, April 23 2017, everyone is welcome in the Liberal Archives of 10 18 you to you.
The exhibition will be available for visits to 1 september.

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