The international journal on labor history Workers of the World HAS ENTERED a new partnership with Cornell University, USA.

Workers of the World is the journal of the International Association Strikes and Social Conflicts, All which gathers more than three boxes Academic Institutions from Europe, Africa, North and South America.The IASSC AIMS to Promote and disseminate studies on labor and social conflicts in an interdisciplinary, global, long-term historical and non-Euro-centric perspective.

The journal intends to move away from traditional forms of methodological nationalism and conjectural studies Adopting an Explicitly critical and interdisciplinary perspective. Therefore, it will publish empirical research and theoretical discussions That address strikes and social conflicts in an innovative and rigorous mannermouse. It will ook Promote dialogue between scholars from different fields and different countries and disseminate analyzes on different social and cultural realities, to give visibility and centrality to this theme.

The Association Organizes conferences every two years at different locations, keeps up a website That reserves for studies in this area and issues Workers of the World. International Journal on Strikes and Social Conflicts, a peer-reviewed academic journal in the English language. The first issue of Workers of the World was online at the end of June 2012.

Workers of the World is an academic journal with peer review published in English, for All which original manuscripts May be Submitted in Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese. All texts are anonymously Submitted to two referees, provided They measure the minimum requirements Indicated in the rules for submission of Contributions. The Editorial Board reserves the right not to initiate the review process of articles That do not meet thesis editorial and publishing rules for submission.

Amsab-ISH is participating in through the journal's director of Amsab-ISH prof. Dr. Geert Van Goethem, who is member of the journal's Advisory Board.