Call for sessions and papers on Labor and Working Class History for the Twelfth European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC), Belfast, 4-7 2018 April.

On April 4-7 2018 the12th European Social Science History Conference will take place at Queen's University, Belfast (Northern Ireland). The ESSHC brings together scholars interested in explaining historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences. The conference is Characterized by a lively exchange in many small groups, rather than by formal plenary sessions. It is organized in a large number of networks That cover specific fields of interest.

One of the largest networks is Labour. We think That progress in Labour History is being made by analyzing global Developments in labor relations and labor struggles, zoals the influence or thesis Global Developments on specific contexts and vice versa. Ook It remains essential to take into account other constituent elements of working class identities besides class, zoals gender, ethnicity, religion, age and nationality.

Further More, we see the emergence of new areas of study within substantialism Labour History, for example:

  • the connected histories of colonial and metropolitan labor across the early modern and modern periods
  • the provincialization of Atlantic slavery vis-à-vis the emergence of new research on the experiences of enslavement in the medieval Mediterranean and the early modern Indian Ocean, Asia and the Pacific
  • a renewed approach to the question of free and unfree labor
  • the entanglements between the management or slave, indentured, convict and wage labor
  • the entanglements between the study of labor relations and workers' individual and collective agency
  • the focus on single sites or production and reproduction (plantations, factories, mines, households, manufactures, docks, railways, etc.)
  • and so on ...

Over more, we witness a growing tendency to foreground labor history in order to understand pressing contemporary issues, zoals globalization, social inequality, migration, labor precariousness, Mass Incarceration and citizenship.

The Labour Network welcomes any session or paper proposal dealing with all topics and periods of labor and working class history. Click here for more details on the submission of papers or sessions. The deadline for proposals is 1 May 2017.