Amsab-ISG and the HTS St. Anthony worked a unique project for young newcomers, Welcome to Ghent!. On March 24 2017, the official opening will take place on the South.

In March 2016 the Higher Technical Institute St. Anthony was contacted by Amsab-ISH asking to collaborate. And this is a result of the international project Amsab-ISH on Belgian refugees to England during the First World War. With a class of students, we decided to work on a parallel project around young newcomers today in the city of Ghent. Soon, the guys from the TSO 4e the idea to build a temporary information desk. The courses Dutch and electricity were combined so that on Tuesday morning interdisciplinary could be worked on the project .. They were taking the help of the guys from the third year basic mechanics and pupils welding shop CDO Roundabout which the mobile information point itself charges together .

The temporary information point is a report of their investigation into flights today and in the past. In addition, they developed a map showing the places where they like to come, are illuminated with LED lights that they have installed themselves. The card will also be distributed on paper to young newcomers. Finally, there is the info point also provide a place where everyone can welcome newcomers to the city feel welcome and in support of the project.

Official opening: March 24 2017 from 11.30 13 until you are on the South, Ghent.                                                                                                                          
After that the Info Point on the South for six weeks.

As part of this project, the boys of the fourth year TSO visited in November 2016 also the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp.