On March 17 2017 is Filip Claus (1957) sixty and to celebrate he not put in the spotlight himself, but 32 other photographers from Ghent, his hometown. Amsab-ISH save many pictures from Claus. We wish him a wonderful birthday.

At various locations in the Ghent streets go young and less young, established and new values ​​"in dialogue" with 32 their selected pictures from Claus's immense oeuvre. Eye to eye the pictures of the old and the host photographer will be printed in the coming weeks on textile
see (x 90 125 cm) in the center.
Claus will not only engage in dialogue with colleagues, but also with the street itself. It's not for nothing more than 30 years its habitat as a photo reporter at home and abroad. "More than thirty years 'take' me in the street, this project I give the photos back on the street." The photos will appear equally well in public locations such as on the facade of, say, a local grocer or an empty building.
Photography, with and among the people: it is one of Flanders' most committed photographers all over. Filip Claus traveled the world with his camera, like many of the participating photographers. That will be featured in various cross-cultural images.
"Ghent is in the world, the world in Ghent. It must vibrate, keep moving. I, therefore, not want the pictures come behind glass or in a museum. The photos will be part of the street. Are they stolen? Tant pis. Being talked about? Tant mieux. I myself as a photographer always felt a bit of a guerrilla fighter. "

Launch of the project will be given on March 17. a website associated with the project: www.claus60.be. Participating photographers will explain their choice.
Work: Bieke Depoorter, Zaza Bertrand, Jimmy Kets, Jonas Lampens Fred Debrock Titus Simoens, Michael Hendryckx, Britt Vangenechten, Wouter Van Vooren, Bas Bogaerts, Lieven Van Assche, Joost De Bock, Julie Landrieu, An-Sofie Kesteleyn, Phile Deprez, Yann Bertrand, Priscilla Bistoen, Wouter Van Vaerenberg, Alex Van Hee, Dieter De Lathauwer, Lisa Van Damme, Kurt Van der Elst, Eric Mildt, Franky Schampheleer Wouter Rawoens, Freya Maes Frederik Buyckx Thomas Min, Dirk Braeckman, Marie Wynants, Carl Uytterhaegen Sander Buyck, Filip Naudts