On September 23 2017 organizing the new Belgian Network for Migration Historians (BNMH) an open day for historians, archives, and socio-cultural institutions working on migration in history, and to Belgium.

The study of migration history has a long tradition, whose origins often is linked to the pioneering work that was conducted by the Chicago School during the years 1920. In these early years the study was to migration dominated by scientists from countries where living large migrant communities. In countries where immigration manifested themselves later received migration history only from the years 1970 gradually attention. Belgium had to wait until 1992 before this research field went ahead with the publication of Anne Morelli's Histoire des étrangers et de l'immigration en Belgique, La préhistoire à nos jours. Since then flourished migration history from a very popular discipline. However, still missing a platform where this research can come into its own. For that reason, researchers decided several Belgian universities to Belgian Network for Migration Historians (BNMH) to set up. The network aims to create a forum for people working on migration to, from and within Belgium. It aims to facilitate contact between interested parties and enhance their research to a wider audience.

In 2017 we want to launch this network in two ways. For Eest will in the course of a spring website be started. Secondly, in the fall (September 23 2017) in Brussels a workshop organized which will be presented ongoing studies, projects and initiatives on migration history. We invite people from both academia and the cultural and heritage sector to set an abstract of their project or collection, for by means of a short presentation and / or poster, send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before March 20 2017. The workshop will conclude with a round table where a state of affairs will be made by the Belgian migration and historiography where runs for future research will be discussed. The event will not only academics but also amateur historians, press, government officials, NGOs, etc., in short anyone interested in the subject, appeal. We hope to see you soon as a member of the Belgian Network for Migration historians to welcome you to our website and we look forward to exchange of personal ideas 23 september!