Amsab-ISH invites you, along with many other organizations such as Oxfam and 11.11.11, cordially on the interactive tour experience on the cooperative on March 19 2017, in and around Vooruit in Ghent.

Our city's history is full of cooperative organizations. But is this really something you only have encounters in the file cabinets? How strong survives the cooperative idea in Ghent today? And which may mean it on the other side of the world? Meet characters walk along images and texts that tell the story of cooperatives. Discover with us how cooperatives can provide an alternative in our current economy.
Amsab-ISH runs a small exhibition on the cooperative ahead in Back Stay.

Belmundo is an annual festival activities in Ghent that places international solidarity at the forefront. A lot of organizations Ghent organize a month of dozens of activities. There are walks, workshops, films and debates ... In short, something for everyone! In 2016 Belmundo was about 'water'. In 2017 we get started with the theme "Another economy.

Partners: 11.11.11, Amnesty International Amsab-ISH, Back Stay Hostel, Minard, Oxfam Ghent-center collaboration Humus association, Vooruit, Rustoord Privilege

Cooperatives, c'est quoi?
Sunday March 19 2017 from 14 18 you until you
Stay back, Vooruit, Rustoord Privilege, Oxfam

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