The catalog has been given a thorough update. Therefore, this was just offline, for which we apologize. But the good news is that there are a lot of improvements and several new features have been installed.

Improvements: first and foremost is the catalog more efficient and faster. Also, there are now much more afbeeldingen to see.

New: at the archives in comments now in the Description tab also reflected the biography or administrative history of the creator. In the list of results Last but not least, is a full-text search a snippet displayed with the search terms - a snippet is a small piece of text that appears when you entered a search query into a search engine - see picture. That way you get to find an immediate idea of ​​the context in which your search term. This is done on the basis of the OCR. This is not always 100% correct, but we still believe that this is an extremely useful tool to search the digital resources in one move.