On March 23 and 24 2017 found in Paris a colloquium about what gebeurdmet the libraries were looted by the Nazis throughout Europe. One of the speakers is Amsab employee Michel Vermote.

the colloquium Où sont les bibliothèques spoliées par les nazis? Tentatives d'identification et de restitution, un chantier en cours will take place in Paris on March 23 24 2017 and the Bibliothèque François Mitterand. Participation is free, but advance registration is required. See the complete program.

Assistant Amsab-ISH and coordinator of Archive Bank Flanders Michel Vermote will talk about The Nazi looting of books in Belgium and Their partial restitution. A status quaestionis.

Amsab-ISH has been a long search for archives and documents that were stolen by the Germans during the Second World War in Belgium. It was then to archives of socialist and communist movements, but also from liberal organizations of the Ministry of Defence, etc. Ultimately, these archives were found fallen after wandering in Moscow, where she formerly Amsab director Wouter Steenhaut and his assistant Michel Vermote in 1992 were recovered (see attached photo).

In 2002 was Russia a first refund made to the Belgian state. However, there continue to have a lot of documents from the Belgian past behind today in archives and warehouses in Moscow. On this issue Michel Vermote spoke last year already on a international meeting in Minsk, Belarus.

Or as speaker Vermote undoubtedly will make clear in his lecture: We is not seen nothing yet.