After the exhibition of photographer Germaine Krull in 2015, put the museum Jeu de Paume in Paris again from the Variétés collection of Amsab-ISH. This time for an exhibition about Eli Lotar (1905-1969), contemporary and friend of Germaine Krull.

Born in Romania Eli Lotar settled in the years 1920 in Paris. He was one of the pioneers of modern photography, fascinated by the urban and industrial landscape of Paris region. With the other photographers of the 'Nouvelle Vision (New Vision), he sought to bring "the extraordinary in the ordinary upwards. His photos were published in "VU", "Jazz" and "Variétés" and were featured in major international exhibitions such as' Fotographie der Gegenwart 'and' Film und Foto. Eli Lotar was also active as a filmmaker and collaborated with Joris Ivens and Luis Buñuel.

This exposition is a collaboration between the Jeu de Paume and the Centre Pompidou.
Jeu de Paume, February 14 28 May 2017.

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