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Amsab-ISG consists of several departments.

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Amsab-ISH is the heritage institution of social, humanitarian and ecological engaged movements.

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Research is at the start a core activity been Amsab Institute of Social History. As a cultural heritage institution we conduct this research in synergy our collection management and our public services. Scientific research supports and gives some direction to the acquisition and collection accessibility, and it helps to inspire and activities in the field of public history, popularisation of research and community service. This provides a clear added value for the global profile of the institute and let Amsab-ISH allow to distinguish themselves positively from purely academic research entities.

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The story of ordinary people. Their resistance against injustice and discrimination. Their struggle for rights and equality. For a better world. This is the heritage that is preserved by Amsab Institute of Social History, accessible and valued.

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The logo of Amsab ISG can download here.

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