120.000 boxes, 12 km archive ... your history.We want to preserve them and also bring out. And not only through this video ...

120.000 boxes, 12 km archive ... time for a swift trip through our archive.

Discover through this film our unique collection. On the basis of controversial photographs, film clips, posters, ... hurtles you at high speed by more than 100 years of social history.Experience a 12 km long trip through our tangible and intangible heritage with themes such as labor, socialism, environment, human rights, gender, ... we flash back to the middle of the century and 19e end today. Although the finish line is not immediately in sight because your history is growing ... and we want to bring out, the doors fling open, an open history book.


Therefore, we grow. But remodeling costs money. Help us in Amsab-ISH to an open house.

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