A list of websites of Amsab-ISH, designed for private projects or contracts.

In the framework of the project "Getting Started on the channel. Belgian refugees in England during World War I, "we collect testimonies and

In 2014 150 years KAA Gent existed and it was celebrated. 'The Age' had chosen 1864 as a gymnastics club and grew into an organization with a lot of sports. Today there are four active: hockey, tennis, athletics and football .... 150 years KAA GENT.

This website gives a complete overview of all
holiday camps at the seaside, with more than a thousand photos and film and sound clips, and is therefore a unique database on the subject.

A selection a decade of unique clips from movies that are stored in Amsab-ISH.cinema Forward

This website was designed on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Romain Deconinck: beloved author, actor and director, but also film and TV celebrity, singer and comedian, and more than half a century, the figurehead of the Ghent popular theater. His complete archive is stored in Amsab-ISH.  

Following 11 / 11 / 2011 looked 11.11.11, the dome of the Flemish North-South Movement, back almost half a century of commitment. Amsab-ISH has designed a purposevirtual exhibitionwith campaign material from the archive of 11.11.11.


A brief history of the struggle for Universal Suffrage.Universal Suffrage.

Hhe story of the strike by cleaners in 2007.

This website was designed in the framework of the project 'survey Stafkaart of the migrants and their heritage in Flanders and Brussels, 1830-present', carried by Amsab-ISH and KADOC KU Leuven. In it, the project is explained in detail.


A website about the Public Waste Agency (OVAM), on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary.
30 years OVAM.

Charles Heirbaut (1927-2001) was a writer, storyteller, photographer, actor, activist ... From his nickname "the plastrontrekker" he made his trademark.
He left a substantial body of work in various domains. A website about his life and work.

Joseph Chalmet
(1897-1962) was a controversial socialist politician from Zelzate. Hewas active in the trade union and mutuality. This website was designed on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of his death.


A website with work by photographer Walter De Mulder, designed in response to his book "Land and face in Flanders.


A website with work by photographer Alexander Ustinov, on the occasion of the photo exhibition in Amsab-ISH "From the Volga to the Oder.

"Family History: text: 'A website for step by step to discover your family history in historical documents and contemporary databases.


The establishment of the Belgian Labour Party in 1885 was one of the first milestones in the struggle of the Belgian working for a better life. The reports of their meetings (1892-1940) give a vivid insight into that fight.